Ferrari 250 GTO – Film Narrated By Stephen Mitchell

Fantastic amateur film, narrated by Stephen Mitchell and filmed by Peter Helm, featuring three Ferrari 250 GTO’s at Willow Springs and carving the infamous Mulholland Drive.

Stephen Mitchell’s blog.

source: Chicane


3 Responses to “Ferrari 250 GTO – Film Narrated By Stephen Mitchell”

  1. Thanks for posting–hope you enjoy the video!

  2. Loved these videos.
    btw- back in the late seventies (?) Harry Morrow used to run “old timers” races at willow springs. Shelby showed up with his Cobra daytona coupe and roadster. Bondurant was there to race it. Chris Cord showed up with one GTO, who was driving the other one?
    I had brought my black euro spec Ferrari Daytona coupe, but raced a semi tricked out bmw 2002


  3. It is a true honor having you guys comment!

    Please feel free to share any additional stories from the golden-age of the southern California car culture…or any stories for that matter!


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