Best Movie Intro’s Of All Time

Keep in mind: this is not a list of best car movies, just movie intro’s…

Cannonball Run 2 (1984)

Unless you are a car nut, chances are you have never seen this movie and that’s OK. For the average person, Cannonball Run 2 is a B movie – at best, however, to a true car guy, Cannonball Run 2 is a classic.

Characters created by Brock Yates (Brock Yates– enough said).

Actors include: Burt Reynolds, Dom De Luise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Jamie Farr, Frank Sinatra plus numerous famous and relevant old Hollywood stars.

Speed Zone! (1989)

Speed Zone! is sometimes referred to as the 3rd installment of the Cannonball Run series, but without Burt Reynolds and Dom De Luise it was hard to imagine making it truly part of the series.

If you have not seen Cannonball Run 1 or 2, chances are very good you have not seen or heard Speed Zone!.

Actors include: John Candy, Donna Dixon, Joe Flaherty, Tim Matheson, Brooke Shields, John (Luke Duke!) Schneider, Matt (Max Headroom) Frewer, Melody (Dale Arden) Anderson, Peter Boyle, Eugene Levy, Dick & Tom Smothers, Shari Belafonte, Jamie Farr, Alyssa Milano, Michael Spinks, Kyle Petty and the pitcher Randy Johnson.

6 Days In May (2004)

Not one of the top movie intro’s but certainly worthy of a honorable mention.


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