Ford GT Takes A Bath At Mid America Motorplex

According to the tipster:

This Ford GT went off track at approx 110-115 mph after overpowering the stock tires through a high speed left hand turn. It did two full rotations before hitting the swampy area between turns 4, 5 and 6. I was on his bumper when this happened and mud and water went at least 30’ in the air.

The owner was a class act and there was only minor, albeit expensive (approx $300K car with the Gulf oil factory paint package) damage. He rinsed it off and drove it home.

So the tipster may have overexerted the price of the Ford GT with the limited edition ‘Heritage’ paint…   A 2006 Ford GT’s MSRP base price was around $150,000.

Mid America Motorplex

Ford GT photos


One Response to “Ford GT Takes A Bath At Mid America Motorplex”

  1. Payton Wheatley Says:

    Actually, the ride was $179 thousand and change; a gift from his wife Jana who saw it first at an auto show years back. At that time neither thought the car (and its price) was attainable … Years of hard work later, turns out it was. Ford GT was a gift for a very special year, ordered for his 40th birthday, car was delivered just in time for Father’s Day. The number “3” on it is for the three lovely children that Bryan and Jana share : )

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