Houston, We Have Launch Control!


All 2010 Corvettes, equipped with the manual transmission, come with launch control. Launch control is engaged by selecting Competitive Driving mode, smashing the right pedal to the floor (revs shoot to about 4,500 and the computer holds them there), pop the clutch (sounds very counterintuitive – I know) and just try to keep a stupid grin off your face.

The computers monitor wheel spin and do whatever it takes to find perfect balance between applying full power and traction.

Any manual purest will tell you there are very few things more rewarding than nailing a perfect launch. Using launch control completely removes the sense of joy, but what you lose in personal satisfaction is more than made up in Holy Cow – That Was Amazing!

As a bonus, using the Corvette launch control will not void your warranty and will not result in a flat bed trip to the dealer (GTR – ouch).

The Audi R8 5.2 is the only other true manual transmission car, we can think of, with launch control.

Tour of the Texas coast in a 2010 Grand Sport.

How to make your Corvette with dual mode exhaust go from mild to Wild.


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