Something Old (and blue) & Something New

While putting the 2010 Grand Sport through its paces, we stumbled across the Sam Houston Corvette Club out enjoying the same smooth back road twists and turns we were.

According to one member of the club, there were 44 Corvettes in the pack this day. The pack included several C6 Z06’s, a Callaway prepared 2010 Grand Sport, clean C5 Z06’s, a C4 Greenwood LT4 car, but the one we were most interested in was the predecessor to our car – the 1996 Grand Sport.

Grand Sport edition Corvettes have only been produced in 1963, 1996 and now 2010, so running across a real 1996 GS was quite a surprise.

GM built 1,000 limited edition Grand Sports for the 1996 model run… 810 coupes and 190 convertibles. GM records indicate that of these, 976 Domestic (US), 13 Canadian, and 11 European exports were produced. [Grand Sport Registry]

Tour of the Texas coast in a 2010 Grand Sport


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