Capone’s Cadillac For Sale

1928 was the year Cadillac introduced a new V8 engine, 341 cubic-inches and 90 horsepower.

A 1928 Cadillac thought to have belonged to the notorious Chicago mobster Al Capone will be auctioned Friday in California. Expected to sell for about $500,000, the car is also believed to be the oldest surviving bulletproof automobile.

According to rumor, the car may even have been used briefly by President Franklin Roosevelt after Capone was imprisoned, according to RM Auctions, the firm that plans to auction the car.
If you want to cut through city traffic, and you don’t mind breaking the law to do it, impersonating an officer is probably your best bet.
So this car was painted in the same green and black color scheme as 85 other Cadillacs that were supplied to Chicago police and city officials. It also had flashing red lights behind the grill, a regulation police siren and a police-band radio.

The 90-horsepower Cadillac was fitted with 3,000 pounds of steel armor plating and nearly inch-thick window glass. Spring lifts allowed the heavy side windows to be rolled up and down.



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