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The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport – Can You Deal With It?

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So, there we were on a Thursday night and each of us had already put in 8 – 9 hours at the office. I had invited a friend to deal with the task of testing a car – not just any car – but a crystal red, 6-speed, 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport coupe. As we stood around the car, sipping our Monster, taking stock of what options the car had, the question of what to do first came up. Like any half-hatched driving adventure plan, the decision was made to make the decision while driving – so we set off.

With the Passport 8500×50 installed, our route was simple and our plan even simpler. Get on the freeway and head south towards Houston – away from the scattered showers that earlier in the evening made the 436 hp Grand Sport an absolute hoot to slide around turns on some back roads.

This drive was to be more than just a joyride; we were looking to finally answer one of the questions we had spent many hours on the golf course arguing over, without ever making a solid conclusion.

You get one car, for one year, you can’t sell it to buy more cars and you daily drive it. Would you take an American sports car or an American sports sedan – and why?
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Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2010 – The Veyron & That Jerk

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What can you get for $500 in Las Vegas? Well, honestly just about anything you could imagine, plus a lot you don’t want to imagine.

One bandana wearing jerk decided to spend his $500 on 15 minutes of fame and possibly a lifetime of being known as “that jerk”.

To accomplish such a feat and stand out in a town filled with bandana wearing jerks, “that jerk” got creative and bought Barrett-Jackson bidder credentials for $500, showed up at the Mandalay Bay convention center a few minutes before 5:30pm Saturday September 25, 2010, sat in the second row along the middle isle and raised his hand several times.
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G-Power BMW X5 Typhoon – 725 HP, 186 MPH.

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Press Release:

G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON – with 725 hp, pass the 300 km/h mark even faster!

First there was the “small” TYPHOON body kit; now here comes the “big” TYPHOON wide body kit for the BMW X5 M. Thanks to optimised air flow and up to 15 % more cooling, the G-POWER body kit clears the way for an increase in the base output of the 4.4 l V8 bi-turbo power unit of 170 hp to no less than 725 hp.

Muscular flared wheel arches plus distinctive skirts and spoilers on the front and rear trimmed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency define the look of the G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON. The body kit in original equipment quality made from PU RIM was developed by G-POWER designers using state-of-the-art CAD technology. The base vehicle was fully digitised in-house with a 3D scanner.
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Automatic Carwash VS Moron

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Porsche 911 997 GT2 RS Video

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The Auto Express video review of the most powerful Porsche ever – the GT2 RS.

CLICK for previously posted GT2 RS info and photos

Bentley Goes On Tour In (a lot of) Pieces

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Roadshow Schedule

  • Opening event – Bentley Beverly Hills, California
  • 18 September – Bentley Pasadena, California
  • 22-23 September – Bentley Parsippany, New Jersey
  • 25 September – Bentley Bethesda, Maryland
  • 2 October – Bentley High Point, North Carolina
  • 13 October – Bentley Dallas, Texas
  • 16 October – Bentley Houston, Texas
  • 21 October – Bentley Palm Beach, Florida
  • 23 October – Bentley Miami, Florida


  • Six State 8,000 mile Heritage Roadshow begins
  • 1,000 rare Bentley and Rolls-Royce parts arrive from UK

(16 September, 2010. Crewe, England). An Anglo-American team from Bentley Motors has just kick-started a US road trip with a difference. On this occasion, the famous British luxury carmaker won’t be crossing the continent with one of their renowned Grand Touring cars but will instead be accompanied by over 1,000 Heritage Parts and Accessories that have been specially shipped into the US from the company’s manufacturing headquarters in the UK.
source: Bentley Press
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Tom Brady’s Audi S8 Got Sacked

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A 21 year old driver of a Mercury Villager minivan just became one of the most hated people in Boston, not to mention the people he ticked off by crashing into an Audi S8.

A 21-year-old Brockton man has been cited by police for failure to stop for a red light after his minivan allegedly crashed this morning in Boston into a sedan driven by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Police said Ludgero Rodrigues was cited based on witness statements, despite his claim that he had the green light as he drove into the intersection where his vehicle collided with Brady’s.

One man riding in the back of the Mercury Villager minivan was hospitalized after the crash in Boston’s Back Bay section, which was reported at about 6:34 a.m. today. Brady, who was driving an Audi sedan, appeared shaken after the accident, witnesses said, but he participated in a walk-through and practice later in the day as the team prepared for its season opener Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Patriots said in an official tweet and on their Facebook page today that Brady “reports that he’s OK.”

Police said in a statement that the driver of an Audi S8 said he was driving on Gloucester Street through the intersection towards Commonwealth when the minivan “crossed into his path” from Commonealth. The driver, who was not named in the statement but has been identified by law enforcement officials as Brady, said that he, rather than Rodrigues, had the green light.

Brady told police that “he attempted to swerve, but was unable to,” and his vehicle struck the passenger side of the minivan. …