Texas Mile – October 2010. Photo Recap.



Up until the point that the Underground Racing twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (rumored to have 1900+whp) went end over end after making a 235mph pass, the main topic of conversation at this October’s event was the reports this may the the last Texas Mile event.  We initially ignored the story because everyone at the Texas Mile seemed to have “the inside story”, yet each “inside story” seemed to be different from the other.  However, we  have now been told, from a reliable source, that the rumor could easily be true – there is a chance that the owner of the airport, where the event has been held since 2003, may lose the property for whatever reason. BUT, do not worry – the evet will not die.  We have confirmation that there is a backup plan to move the mile to an unconfirmed location.

And yes, it is hard to believe, but the driver of the air born Gallardo (pictured below) is OK and walked away!

And onto the pictures…

click pictures for full size photos.




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