Dallas Cars & Coffee – November 2010


If you find yourself in Dallas on the first Saturday of the month, make a point to stop by Classic BMW in Plano – you will not be disappointed.


5 Responses to “Dallas Cars & Coffee – November 2010”

  1. 1) love the Viper shot going down the road
    2) a B7, no shit! BA
    3) what is that Ariel Atom looking ride? (love it)

    I hate missing out on Cars and Coffee

    • The Viper shot: Hung the SLR out the window at 70mph and it turned out pretty good.

      B7 – The ultimate BMW!

      Ariel Atom – You know, I was thinking it was an Ariel, but on 2nd look (and after seeing another one this weekend), the cars and coffee one looks more substantial.

    • 3) its a MEV Rocket

  2. That second car is my MEV Rocket. It’s a kit car from the UK. It just happens to be for sale on eBay. Check out my site for details http://www.vmvcars.com/

    Great pics, BTW!

  3. Very cool – thanks for solving that mystery.
    Nice car – looks very fun!

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