Hinson Supercars Turbo C6 Corvette Texas Mile Mishap [Driver Walked A Way]


Friday the car ran in the mid 220’s MPH’s. Saturday the boost was turned up… The driver walked away and is OK.

Hinson Supercars

First photos of the accident – provided exclusively to Autospotters

CLICK to see more of our Texas Mile March 2011 photos

6 Responses to “Hinson Supercars Turbo C6 Corvette Texas Mile Mishap [Driver Walked A Way]”

  1. Mike Plove Says:

    There is a God and He was riding along side with this driver

  2. Mister X Says:

    Wow, that A pillar is Gone!

    I’ll be the driver has quite a Headache!

    Another rollover and he might have not been alive to tell the tale.

    So glad to hear he’s doing well.

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  4. […] Click to view our first on the web photos of the aftermath. […]

  5. Robert C5 Manning Says:

    I wish it was me I’ve dreamt of corvette’s and there prowess wow what a thrill ride going mach 1 in one of God’s chariots oF fire. I currently rock neon’s but one of these days I’ll be in the big leagues. I’m moving up in the world and have my eye on a gen 4 zr1

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